Program manager

Implementing a change or improvement process has more impact on your organization than you probably ever imagined. Just consider all that is involved, things such as transformation of goals, processes and the behavior of people. Easier said than done!

Do you really want to bring about change and improve customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and financial results. And yet you don’t know how? Then set up an LCG Program Manager. This ensures faster results, more sustainable change and, moreover, a more enjoyable route.

Fast changing environment

Our rapidly changing world first and foremost demands a stable, continuously improving organization. We believe that the main goal of continuous improvement is to activate your organization’s thinking and abilities to facilitate change. It is the only way you can deliver maximum customer value with minimal effort. It will lead to improved results for all stakeholders. In our vision, continuous improvement focuses on purpose, process and people.

continuous improvement

What does the support of an LCG Program Manager offer you?

  • Through our years of experience we have a well thought-through and validated vision on the Lean and Agile transformation methodology. We not only make a plan, we also facilitate the actual implementation.
  • We help to translate a vision, annual goals and improvement processes. The improvements that are implemented contribute to the right goals and everyone knows what their contribution is to the organizational objectives.
  • An LCG program manager keeps an overview, prioritizes, monitors progress and escalates issues.
  • We are your sparring partner and can switch between the work floor and management and we are not afraid of confrontations. Our consultants do what is necessary.
  • We strongly believe in showing how it’s done, allowing people to mimic and then having them do things themselves. We provide training and coaching-on-the-job to guide an organization and ultimately improve or change independently.
  • An LCG program manager uses their own expertise in the field of (team)coaching and leadership development. Changing and improving is our second nature, our enthusiasm is contagious. We create a movement and therefore we start small in order to achieve results quickly and to celebrate the first successes.

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