Our Lean and Agile experts

We are a team of enthusiastic and professional Lean and Agile experts. The core of the LCG team consists of a group of permanent professionals, supplemented by a flexible layer of partners. Paul, Eppo and Martijn are the owners of LCG.

We provide Agile and Lean trainings and help organizations with their Agile and Lean transformations. We believe that Agile and Lean reinforce each other simply by not separating these two philosophies, but by combining them. This allows for a total approach. It is how we prepare organizations for today’s challenges and those of the future. Both Agile and Lean help organizations to become more customer-oriented and goal-oriented, continuously improve and allow them to make better use of their talents.

Working with Agile increases the innovative power. It helps to respond faster to external developments. In addition, it offers concrete tools for more self-organization. In addition, Lean gives substance to cooperation across departments. What’s important, the process will function as good as the people who perform it. Which is why we pay full attention to the human aspect and also focus on team development in our training courses and processes.

Alexander van Swinderen
Alissa Wetzer
Anne Vennemann
Anneloes Jeandarme
Anouk Brinkhoff
Arjen Hoekzema
Ashley Wade
Berend Pekelharing
Crispijn Jansen
Dewi Lou
Diederick Vos
Elke Vangeel
Elke Vangeel
Eppo Kuipers
Eva de Waard
Franke Beijer
Franke Beijer
Hein Teurlings
John van Belkum
John van Belkum
Joost Frenay
Joost Timpers
Judith van Sundert
Karine Mijnheer
Klara van der Heijden
Larissa Hendriksen
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Leonie Snijders
Leonie Snijders
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Martine Oegema
Martine Oegema
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Merel van der Velde
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Nienke de Rooy
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Reinko de Vries
Rianne Camps
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Stefan Zielhuis
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