Lean Consultant

Fast results with a temporary LCG Lean Consultant

Is there a lot to improve within your organization, but are you having difficulty getting this started? A temporary Lean consultant from the Lean Consultancy Group will work with you to increase customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and the organizational outcome. With results, from day 1.

You know it: everywhere you look, you see room for improvement. You want to do something about it, but it doesn’t seem to want to take off. Our temporary Lean consultant will help you by strengthening your organization. And from day 1 we achieve results through quick, small improvements.

We have the best people to help you. Personal development is central to us: continuous improvement is continuous learning. Lean Consultancy Group has an extensive selection process when it comes to our team. Only about 6% make it through and everyone is university-educated.

What can we do for you?

We address every issue in the field of continuous improvement. We have experienced Lean consultants, Agile coaches and experts in (team)coaching and leadership development. We can fulfill various roles: trainer, consultant, program manager, interim line manager.

How do others see us?

Customers recognize LCG people from their enthusiasm and energy. We create energy by making continuous improvement fun. And by doing so, we aim for partnership: we work based on trust, prefer a long-term relationship and make ourselves redundant by transferring knowledge and skills.

Continuous improvement is not only something that we teach our customers, we also apply it ourselves. This makes our organization an example of a continuously improving organization. We have been awarded a Great Place to Work for 4 years in a row!

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How can we support your organization?

  • Customer value: We teach you how to put your customer at the center of your business and continue to do so
  • Enthuse employees: We help you increase employee satisfaction and aim to become a Great Place to Work
  • Improve financial results
  • Shorten lead time or eliminate waste
  • Set clear goals: We help you translate your vision into goals so every employee knows why he does what they do
  • We teach you the value of an Obeya
  • Continuous improvement: we can handle any issue in this area
  • Guiding improvements
  • Create an improvement culture to ensure the improvement becomes part of the DNA of your organization
  • In an improvement process we realize different roles with our experienced Lean consultants, Agile coaches and experts in (team) coaching and leadership development. We also take various other roles: trainer, consultant, program manager, interim line manager.

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