An Agile Coach always helps you get ahead!

Imagine, you have become enthusiastic about the Agile way of working and want to get started. So where do you start? Or perhaps: you are already working Agile, but you and your Scrum team are stuck with an Event, how to do next? Is this something familiar to you? An LCG Agile Coach can help!


Results from day 1

Together with an Agile Coach from LCG you can achieve results from day one. Our Agile Coaches aim to increase customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and organizational results by making full use of Agile ideas. How do we do that?

Start Scrumming immediately

Through training and coaching on the job, we teach your team the Scrum methodology. You will be introduced to the different roles – Product Owner, Scrummaster and Development Team – and the use of the Artifacts, such as a Product Backlog and a Sprint Backlog. In practice, we also set to work with the various Events (Sprint planning, Daily Stand-up, Sprint Review and Sprint Retro), so your first Sprints are a fact.

What’s in it for you?

The main goal is to deliver maximum customer value, satisfied employees in the Scrum team and ultimately a good financial result.

By working with an Agile Coach:

  • You learn what Scrum is and apply this methodology immediately
  • Your team becomes a Dolphin instead of a Submarine
  • Your team will be able to organize Sprints autonomously
  • Reflecting will become second nature of your team

And all of this to deliver maximum customer value, satisfied employees in the Scrum team and to yield financial results.

Organizational level

A new way of working not only requires a change at team level, but also at the organizational level. The organization must be included in the story of change. Creating enthusiasm and understanding for this change is something that an Agile Coach can help you with. We deliver on our promises by setting a good example ourselves, providing the story of change with purpose and content and offering space for questions and uncertainties. Our experience is that this quickly creates enthusiasm and understanding for the desired change.

Agile vlogs

What makes an LCG Agile Coach unique?

  • We achieve results from day 1 by quickly realizing small improvements.
  • We have the best people for the job. Personal development is crucial to us: continuous improvement = continuous learning. LCG has an extensive selection process. We only hire about 6% of whom we meet and everyone is university-educated.
  • Customers recognize LCG people due to their enthusiasm and energy. We create energy by making continuous improvement fun.
  • We aim for partnership: we work on the basis of trust, desire long-term relationships and make ourselves redundant by transferring knowledge and skills.
  • Continuous improvement is not only something that we teach our customers, we apply it ourselves. This makes our organization an example of a continuously improving organization. We have been named a Great Place to Work 4 years in a row!
  • We can address every and any issue in the field of continuous improvement. We have experienced Lean consultants, Agile Coaches and experts in (team)coaching and leadership development. Our roles are: trainer, consultant, program manager, interim line manager.

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