Our 50-year goal: Increasing the life happiness!

The Lean Consultancy Group has a 50-year goal: increasing life happiness. By helping organizations improve their performance and thus increasing their impact through the Lean and Agile philosophy. Being a customer should be a celebration and we want work to be inspiring for employees. The outcome: better results.

50 jaren doel levensgeluk

In order to reach our 50-year goal, we are therefore constantly working on three elements:

1. Being a customer is a celebration

Dutch organizations know what value their customers want and provide an optimal delivery. Which is why it is nice to be a customer in the Netherlands.

Best Workplace Netherlands

2. Work is inspiration

Employees have energy when they come to work every day and still have energy when they go home. The essence is to make work inspiring for employees. This also ensures the largest impact possible on customers. LCG highly values ​​the happiness of its own employees. Our values were awarded by Great Place To Work® Netherlands.

3. The economy is healthy

In our society, businesses and government work together efficiently. The government is fit and continuously adapts to new social developments. Every euro of tax money is spent effectively.

Why a 50-year goal?

During our study trips to Japan we discovered that Japanese companies focus on a much longer future than we are used to in the Netherlands. They sometimes even have 250-year goals! The Japanese know that a long-term goal ensures that everyone gets the feeling of contributing to something big. Ask yourself what purpose motivates you more: every day 200 cars with new wheels or being able to contribute to the development and production of the most environmentally friendly car in the world in ten years’ time?

These goals not only provide motivated employees, but also satisfied customers and good finances. We are convinced that we will realize our 50-year goal by constantly keeping this in mind. We are happy to share that enthusiasm with you!