Who we are

The Lean Consultancy Group helps organizations improve their performance continuously. We believe in a tailor-made approach where the Lean and Agile philosophy is at the core. Our impact? Higher customer satisfaction, inspired employees, improved business results. The threshold for starting is low: we guide organizations in practically all sectors and with various issues. From small start-ups to large organizations and everything in between. We do this through training, coaching and guidance with small and large Lean or Agile transformations. Our organization consists of nearly 50 Lean and Agile consultants and trainers. Every one of them an enthusiastic professional. Very enthusiastic. We just know you want to meet them.



  • “The training was set up perfectly with excellent trainers.”
    Customers Lean trainingen • Springest
  • “We should be able to work smarter or better?”
    Programma SLIMM • Reinaerde
  • “Thanks to Lean there is more understanding for each other’s work.”
    Principal • ThiemeMeulenhoff
  • “By constantly asking for the reason behind an answer, they kept us sharp and we really understood the pain points of the service chain. ”
    Ben Stortelder and Ramondo Scheppink • Reggefiber
  • “Eigen Haard transforms their mechanics into service providers.”
    Director Peter Hildering • Eigen Haard
  • “Amazing! It feels rewarding after all the hard work and I see this as a confirmation that we are on the right track. Internally we can see the effects, you keep hearing it more often: 'apparently they’re doing something right at Geo-informatie'”
    Ulrike Schild • Kadaster
  • “Buiding your entire Lean transformation with is impactful, inspiring and very informative.”
    Lean-team • Slingeland
  • “Service our customers better, deliver better quality, better teamwork, automate and economize. These were some of the challenges the Utrecht Municipality were facing.”
    Martine Smeets • Utrecht Municipality
  • “I can say with complete conviction and honesty: the training was great! If you get the opportunity... DO IT! ”
    Léon van der Weiden • Isala Hospital
  • “It’s great to have someone from outside of the organization to follow the trajectory and thinks along.”
    Vonneke Bosch • Altrecht Eetstoornissen Rintveld
  • “Thanks to the collaboration with Lean Consultancy Group, we were able to make really good progress.”
    Hans van Leeuwen • Ministry of Defense
  • “We needed to have courage to see our employer as the customer.”
    Gerrit Leppink en Dorothé Schalkwijk • Werkzaak Rivierenland
  • “They keep us sharp and ask: ‘what have we really achieved already?’. And when we were low on energy, they would ask the question: ‘How can we inspire you again?!'”
    Astrid Zwiers • P-Direkt

The Lean Consultancy Group has a 50-year goal: increase life happiness. We would like to contribute to life happiness and do so with Lean and Agile, because we are convinced that these philosophies can help us get there. Read more about how we do this.

Klara van der Heijden
Sandra van Rijswijk
Niek Ludden
Sjoukje van der Hout
Eva de Waard
Larissa Hendriksen
Isabelle Klaasse Bos
Hein Teurlings
Mariëtte Alblas
Franke Beijer
Marthe Schaaf
Michiel van Alphen
Laura van Keeken
Eppo Kuipers
Roderik Met
Reinko de Vries
Karine Mijnheer
Ruud van Schaik
Mariska van Hoorik
Martijn van Laak
Dorrit de Vries
Ronnie Wenting
Ashley Wade
Marco Tielemans
Rianne Camps
Marlieke Jager
Dewi Lou
Lean en Agile vacatures
Judith van Sundert
Marleen van Beekhoff
Sascha Carabain
Bart Hospes
Leonie Snijders
Mark Proost
Stefan Zielhuis
Marjolein Jungman
Maart Bevers
Crispijn Jansen
Luciano Landzaad
Arjen Hoekzema
Merel Schut
Berend Pekelharing
Merel van der Velde
Leonie van Lith
Nienke de Rooy
Martine Oegema
Anne Vennemann
Alexander van Swinderen
Vincent Quint
Paul Hendriks
John van Belkum
Diederick Vos
Leoni Bekken
Joost Timpers
Marjolijne van Huissteden
Alissa Wetzer

Atmosphere impression

Work enjoyment is of the highest importance within the Lean Consultancy Group. We project this not only to all our customers, but also within our own organization. We are extremely proud that we have been named ‘Great Place to Work’ within the Small & Young Workplaces category over the last three years. These are organizations with 20 to 50 employees.


This video really gives a great impression of our people and our organization and was shot on one of our biweekly LCG days, recorded by one of our consultants. During these days we meet with all employees and share lessons learned on how to help customers even more, how to further personal development and how to jointly manage our organization. And of course, to have fun with each other!

Best Workplace

The Lean Consultancy Group (LCG) has been awarded the number one position of Great Place To Work Netherlands for the fifth time. A special achievement of which we are very proud.