New work – the practical test

25 juli 2018

Bron: Job Wizards


New work – the practical test (part I)

How does the implementation of lean and agile management at work function for others and in your own everyday work? Lean Consultancy Group in the Netherlands is organised decentrally and works with flat hierarchies. Its aim is to help other companies develop more joie de vivre in their everyday work. And how does that function in reality? We investigated.


Interview with Leonie Mul-van Lith


Why did LCG receive the ‘Great Place To Work’ award?

I think there are various reasons why we won the prize as a ‘Great Place To Work’ for the fourth time in a row this year. First of all, there is our mission to increase joie de vivre. We believe that in order to do that, our work must be inspiring. That means we have a strong focus on our employees and their personal development.


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